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1948 Born at 5th Jannuary in Paris (France)

1973 Lives and works in Paris (France)

1997 Installs his atelier in Lisbon (Portugal)



1966 Faidherbe Krafts Art School, Paris (France)

Parallel lessons with the course of secondary education: Kraft art, artistic applications - technical design – Decoration


1967 School of Art - Ecole Boulle Supérieure, Paris (France)

Studies Interior Architecture


1969 Art School - Ecole Corvisart, Paris (France)

In parallel with the course of the Ecole Boulle, lessons:

Visual Communications - Advertising Design

Lyceum graphic arts - École Supérieure Estienne, Paris (France)

Visual Communication - Typography – Paging


1970 Military period into the French Air force Commands


1971 Cabinet d'Etudes CEBES, Paris (France), architectural design

University of Paris VIII Vincennes France

Department of History of Art and Literature

Atelier de la Grande Chaumiere, Paris Art Studio (France), Living Model

Atelier des Vosges Place, Art Studio Paris (France), Living Model Quick Roughs



Quick Rowghs Study, Atelier de la Places des Voges, Paris, France

School of Montparnasse, Paris School of Art (France), Hetching – Lithography


1973 Bellini Printing House, Fine Art Editions, Hetching and lithograph, Stage practical

Opens his own studio - Atelier Fignières, Paris (France)

Meeting with Sam Szafran and the "Panique Group”

Meeting with Max Papart who became a follower to deepen its research


1974 Gallery of Haute Pave, Paris (France), the first solo exhibition


1975 Gallery Saint-Germain, Paris (France), collective exhibition

Comparisons Salon 1976, Art Fair Grand Palais, Paris (France)


1977 Cultural Center Gallery of Sorrento Italy, collective exhibition

FIAC Paris France

Exhibition at Cultural Center Gallery of Sorrento

Galerie International Stockholm Sweden, Solo Exhibition

Galerie International, Malmo (Sweden), Group Exhibition


1978 International Fair of Contemporary Art, Washington (USA)

Group exhibition by the International Gallery, Stockholm (Sweden)


1979 Fair The Sign and The Letter Luxembourg Palace, Paris (France)

Painting Art Fair, Exhibition

French Cultural Center, New York (USA)

Hetching and lithography, collective exhibition


1981 Atelier Delafosse, Paris (France), collective exhibition

Advertise Sercad and Grafik Image, Paris (France)

Artistic director from 1981 to 1984


1983 FIAP Gallery, Evry 2 Ville Nouvelle France, collective exhibition


1984 FIAP Gallery, Evry 2 Ville Nouvelle France, solo exhibition


1985 Atelier Fignier

Hetchings and prints

Arlette Souhami Editions: Bosquet Gallery and Gallery Dionne

Founding President of the International Fair Impressions - FIESTA


1986 Fiesta in Conciergerie, Paris (France)

Bosquet Gallery presented the artist Genevieve Hugon, started in the Print and Hetching by Fignières

 studio 1975 to 1980


1987 National Center for Graphic Arts and airbrushing, France

Temporary teacher and free-lancer in Visual Communication


1991Galeria Persona, Limoges (France), Solo Exhibition

Persona Galeia 1992, Limoges (France), solo exhibition


1995 His work was interrupted by health issues.

He settled in Portugal.


1998 Gallery De Gran, Cascais (Portugal)

"Masks and drawings Pass', group exhibition


1999 Raquel Prates Gallery, Cascais (Portugal), collective exhibition


2000 Convento do Beato

"Urban Weed” multidisciplinary event - group exhibition


2002 Art Form Gallery, Estoril (Portugal) – collective exhibition

Internacional Gallery, Lisbon (Portugal)

«Wall», solo exhibition


2003 Corrente d’Arte Gallery, Lisbon (Portugal), collective exhibition


2004 Art Form Gallery, Estoril, Porto (Portugal)

«Subway», solo exhibition


2005 Ceutarte Gallery, Lisbon (Portugal)

«Contrechoc Blues» solo exhibition

2006 Corrente d’Arte Gallery, Lisbon (Portugal)


«2006 solutions» solo exhibition

28 Autumn Festival, Plasencia (Spain), collective exhibition