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Meetings in France

The Members of The Factory and Andy Warhol in the Ace Gallery from Toronto in Paris

Mrs. Jenkins, Kijno, Corneille, Ortega, Jacques Baron, with Max Papart

Topor, Arrabal, Christian Zeimmer and Foy des Lettres with Sam Szafran

Francis Bacon in Claude Bernard Gallery

Critic Jean-Marie Denoyer…


Jean Breton and Mário Césariny, in Editions du Cherche-Midi

Jacques Monoury, Jean-Pierre Le Boul’ch, Tillement

Vieira da Silva and Arpad Szenes in their Art Studio in Paris

Zao Wu Ki in Bellini Print House

Marguerite Maegh in Galerie Maegh Rive Droite

Critic and Painter Jean Revol from NRF Galimard

Gérad Delaforsse and Arcall, James Durand – Alain Sneyers, Untel Group


Meetings in Portugal

Isabel Lobato de Faria, writer, poet, critic for Litérature and Art in London House

Rui Aço and Nadir Afonso, Margarida Pinto Coelho in her Degrau Gallery

Guilherme Parente, Eduardo Néry and Rico Sequeira in Raquel Prates Gallery

The English jazz musician Alan Thomas and Portuguese jazz singer Maria Viana

Portuguese photographers C.B. Aragão, O. Diaz-Berrio, David López and the American Denis Piel in Way of Arts Gallery

Alberto Cedrón, Malangatana, Pedro Zamith

Manuela Soares Correia, foundator of Manuel Hermínio Monteiro Foundation

Mário Césariny in Perve Gallery


Photo by F.Jay, 2006


Noel Fignier’s pictoral Artworks is an uninterrupted meeting with 20th Century Graphic Arts, from Pop Art to the constructividm of Concrete Art, this initiatic progression brings

unexpected features to the complete work.

The space composition shows thematic slits, andf the colourful shots in bright vibration sequences, focus the thought towards a subliminal sight interpretation.

Centering, full image, the space is turned free, Noel Fignier drives us into a syncopated abstraction, the one of a New Concrete Art.


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Culture Department, Paris, France